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Two Days Left | The Original General Cosmetics Notification Platform to be Closed on Sep. 15

On Sep. 7, 2021, Guangdong Provincial Medical Products Administration (MPA) issued an announcement 1, which specified the following matters:

1) The original domestic and imported general cosmetics notification information management platform (“original platform”) will be closed on Sep. 15, 2021.

After Sep. 15, the notifier will not be able to handle related notification matters through the original platform. The notification of general cosmetics that have not passed the post-notification review on the original platform (including those that have not undergone post-notification review, have not been corrected after being ordered to make corrections, have not yet meet the requirements after correction) will be canceled by the notification department.

2) Enterprises that have notified general cosmetics with Guangdong MPA are required to submit supplementary documents or rectification documents before Sep. 12. If the enterprise fails to supplement required documents within the time limit, the notification will be canceled.

It should be noted that the deadline set by Guangdong MPA is three days earlier than that specified in Announcement No. 264 issued by National Medical Products Administration (NMPA).

General Cosmetics Post-notification Review Deadline Specified in Announcement No. 264 issued by NMPA: Sep. 15


"If the notification management departments find that the notification documents on the original platform are non-compliant during the post-notification review, it shall be dealt with per article 65 of Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation. Where it is necessary to order corrections, the notifiers shall be ordered to make corrections before Sep. 15, 2021. If the notifier fails to make corrections within the time limit or fails to meet the requirements after the rectification, the notification shall be canceled by the notification departments." 2

BANNER 810 150  gif.gifSuggestions for Stakeholders

There are only two days left to close the original platform. Local MPAs are stepping up to issue the post-notification review opinions on general cosmetics. It is expected that the local MPAs can basically complete the issuance of the review opinions of general cosmetics on the original platform before Sep. 15.

Wennie Wei, the cosmetic regulatory specialist of REACH24H, reminds stakeholders,

Based on the post-notification review opinions:

  • If the supplementary documents required are easy to prepare, the notifier should submit them on the original platform as soon as possible (before Sep. 15);

  • If the supplementary documents required are complicated to prepare (e.g., product testing report is required to supplement) and cannot be submitted before Sep. 15, the notifier could only re-notify the general cosmetics on the new notification platform.

General cosmetics that have been notified and passed post-notification review on the original platform can continue to be sold in the Chinese market. The notifier should supplement product executive standard and label sample, and fill in the product formula of domestic general cosmetics through the new platform before May 1, 2022. 3

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