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Fragrance Allergens Labeling Regulations for Cosmetics in Global Major Countries Some consumers may be allergic to ingredients in a cosmetic product. To assist consumers in selecting safe products, some countries require manufacturers to indicate certain allergens on the ingredients list. ChemLinked has compiled the information on the major countries that have regulations on fragrance allergen labeling and their specific labeling requirements.
Innovation in Korean Cosmetics: From Refilling to AI Robot Knowing the latest popular and innovative cosmetics can inspire overseas cosmetic enterprises to develop new products and better arrange their business plans. This article introduces three creative movements in the Korean cosmetic industry, including the refilling station, AI robot for custom cosmetics, and package-free cosmetics.
Thailand Revises Notification Review Standard for Ampoule, Vial, and Syringe Cosmetics In May 2023, the Thai Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA) introduced a revised criteria for reviewing notifications of ampoule, vial, and syringe cosmetics...
EU to Amend the Use Requirements for 13 Nanomaterials in Cosmetics On May 23, 2023, EU notified WTO of a draft Commission Regulation which proposed to ban the use of 12 nanomaterials, and restrict the use of Hydroxyapatite (nano) in cosmetics. This draft measure was previously notified under EU/TBT/872, but is modified now to newly include the prohibition of Colloidal Silver (nano) and the restriction of Hydroxyapatite (nano). It is open for comments until July 22, 2023.
Taiwan Proposes Changes to Particulars of Specific Purpose Cosmetics That May Be Voluntarily Modified On May 19, 2023, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) launched a two-month consultation on a draft amendment to Particulars of Specific Purpose Cosmetics That May Be Voluntarily Modified (the Particulars). The amendment is scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2024.
China Issues the First License for Cosmetic Personalized Service SkinCeuticals store in Shanghai was granted a production license for on-site personalized service, being allowed to provide personalized services to consumers, which marked a milestone in the development of China's personalized cosmetics industry.
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